Aerospace Education

Our nation is not producing enough qualified workers to fill important jobs in U.S. aerospace industry, and the shortfall will increase as growth in the aerospace sector expands and retirements grow in coming years. To maintain America’s leadership in the global aerospace marketplace in the 21st century, we must cultivate a highly skilled workforce of scientists, engineers and other technical specialist (Pilots, ATC etc) critical to our national security, our economy and the strength of our industrial base.

An aerospace education provides an extraordinary opportunity to teach, and the context to learn, vital STEM topics. It also can inspire a greater number of our nation’s youth to pursue careers in STEM fields, while building a scientifically literate society that is better able to make informed decisions.

  • Promoting aerospace as a premier multi-disciplinary vehicle for STEM education
  • Train and support educators in developing and implementing a STEM based aerospace curriculum
  • Provide programmatic support and consulting services to ISD’s in the development and expansion Aerospace STEM Programs
  • Serve as facilitator in creation of partnerships and collaboration between industry and ISD’s/educators
  • STEM Academy Embedding
  • STEM Visioning and Academy Establishment